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11_201003020153411guS9.jpg (47.04 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-2 08:38 upload whole will continue its strong retro flavor complete presentation, with green fluorescence and brilliant blue were interspersed with white leather shoes collocation, a prominent Air Max air cushion is one of its characteristics. The Air Max Triax 94 has been in the Nike Sportswear store on sale. 11_201003020153412jlMr.jpg (51.21 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-2 08:38 upload 11_201003020153413t10P.jpg (63.35 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-2 08:38 upload 0.jpg (161.84 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-1 upload at 16:42 1.jpg (192.94 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-1 upload at 16:42 2.jpg (157.57 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2014-12-1 upload at 16:42Adidas "2008 together, nothing is impossible" Qingdao Ocean Plaza prelude torch relay re-ignited people's enthusiasm for the Olympic Games, to allow people to actively participate in the Olympic Games to participate in activities. Qingdao as a sub-venue of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in Beijing Olympic countdown time, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games official partner adidas Olympic experience activities were held on the theme "2008 together, nothin air jordan 11 space jam for sale g is impossible" in Qingdao, is attracting numerous people to join the participation enthusiasm. 2008 ?? April 5 to 6, Adidas "2008 together, nothing is impossible," the official Olympic experience activities held in Qingdao Jusco Ocean Plaza. As Adidas Olympic experience a series of activities in one station, this event attracted ordinary people Qingdao large enthusiastic Olympic and loved football participation, we not only witnessed the Adidas "Great Wall of Stars" football, but to appreciate in a series of game projects ordinary people can participate in the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games in the fun side. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Spring in March, the birds are flying long grass. In this season filled with dynamic, people eager to participate in sports and activities on-site and soon gathered a lot of enthusiastic people, we direct contact with the Great Wall of Stars for the first time at the same time, many people also put to the scene of experience activities go with. Wangshizuqiu, foosball, 3 on 3 confrontation and experience Dianqiu and other areas are waiting in a long queue. As an official sponsor of the Olympic Games, Adidas is hoped that through this broad participation, not only so that the majority of sports fans feel the Beijing Olympics has opened a wonderful curtain, also hope that through this participation, so that each person feel to the Olympic culture "Participation is more important than winn buy cheap jordans online ing the" Olympic spirit. At the same time, let people through "with the 2008," the importance of sport for each of us feel life, so will move into our real lives of everyone, to earn a living in health and self-confidence. Shandong province has always been regarded as sports in China, the public has a good physical foundation. It is particularly worth mentioning is that Shandong is the birthplace of Chinese football, football culture has been deeply integrated into every corner of the earth Qilu. For the people who came to the event, not only can participate in a variety of sports activities, you can also see the "Great Wall of Stars" style. "The Great Wall of Stars" design everywhere prominent Chinese elements. Chinese festive red and representatives of the harvest becomes golden sphere primary colors. Crochet gold Great Wall pattern will courageously fighting spirit perfect expression of the Chinese nation, and the dynamic arc of silver and white make sphere modern full. In the production process, "Great Wall Star" follows the most advanced skin stitching 14, to maximize the elimination of the irregular convex spherical surface, so no matter what kicked at the football, can guarantee the stability of the football operation and precision. Meanwhile, the "Great Wall of Stars" also uses a completely built-printing technology, which make the surface material has the best durability. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The event site - cheap air jordans Qingdao Jusco Qingdao Ocean Plaza is the top location of comprehensive class department stores, adidas reason for this as the venue is fancy here we have a young, stylish, passionate consumer groups. Therefore, the event from the start, you have a "day", "location", "people" advantage, with the deepening of the activities, the city felt the full Adidas "2008 together, nothing is impossible," the motion passion, full of Olympic fever began to heat up in the city. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; after April 5 the event, the site quickly gathered a lot of enthusiastic people, direct contact with the "Great Wall of Stars" for the first time at the same time, many people into the field of experience activities. Wangshizuqiu, foosball, 3 on 3 confrontation and experience Dianqiu and other areas are waiting in a long queue. Especially in Dianqiu contest, scene held a "two minutes Dianqiu Up" and "to see who was Britain's longest" of the city Dianqiu Star Contest, the winner will not only get the "Great Wall of Stars" football, will become the city hero. These folk football gurus of this project will become a unique skills Competition, they make wonderful art scene stunned spectators. In the crowd participating in, as well as from the Beijing Olympics in Qingdao FenSaiChang - Olympic builders Qingdao International Sailing Center, they also put into the football experience activities, the construction workers involved in the reconstruction pr Retro jordans for sale oject revetment pleased to reporters, said: "Construction Olympic venues for the Olympic Games makes me feel able to contribute, I feel very proud, and now a way to experience the Olympic movement, the Olympic Games more feel around us, he is a member of the Olympic family. " & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; "We hope that more people can participate in the Olympics and enjoy the sport to the health of our lives and self-confidence, experience 'together with the 2008, not impossible" implied in the spirit of sports participation, so that each the public can enjoy the Olympics on my side, we are the masters of the Beijing Olympics. "Adidas persons concerned in an interview with reporters clearly express the purpose and intention of the event & nbsp;. & Nbsp; & nbsp; During the two-day event allows us to see, is indeed Shandong Sports province China, where the masses yearning Olympics, more active participation in the Olympic Games two days of Olympic Experience also fully demonstrated passion for the Olympic Games in Qingdao, and we understand the Olympic spirit and yearning. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; origin adidas and the Olympic Games can be traced back to 1928, since founder Adi Dassler for the Amsterdam Olympic athletes make first double spikes begin, the two are inextricably linked to the name? Jesse? Owens, Emil? Zhatuopeike, Wilma? Rudolph, Nadia? Comaneci, Pyrrhus? Dimas man of these sports have helped Adidas products next, lea jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ving a further milestone in Olympic history. As a partner of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, adidas will be the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, all the staff of the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, technical officials and volunteers to provide sports equipment. At the same time as the Chinese Olympic Committee sports apparel partner, Adidas provided uniforms and sportswear award the Olympic Games for the Chinese sports delegation to the Turin 2006 Olympic Winter Games and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.New balance ( New Balance ) brand story:New Balance, the brand also translated as " the new balance ".In 1906, William J.Riley in the American city of Marathon Boston started a new balance ( New Balance ) of the arch support company, custom-made plastic surgery arch support and corrective shoes. One day, when he observed in the yard of a chicken chicken, found three claws can keep balance, so he will be inspired to use the arch support for design and development, new balance ( New Balance ) name also emerge as the times require, and Mr. Riley from chicken claw shapes inspired it has also become a legend.With the continuous development of business, 50's new balance ( New Balance ) to start the local runners and manufacture of professional sports shoes, including MIT University track and field team. In 1956, Paul couples from Mr. Riley bought new balance ( New Balance ) company. Since then, footwear manufacturing development to become th cheap foamposites e company's steady growth of main business. In 1960, new balance ( New Balance ) produced " TRACKSTER " series of sports shoes, sports shoes industry marchs formally. This is the whole world first can provide multiple width head of sports shoes, the footwear industry.In 70, the current chairman of President James S.Davis said in the Boston Marathon day buy new balance ( New Balance ), start a new step. Since then new balance ( New Balance ) in addition to high-tech functional materials, providing six width two height vamp last, human services, to meet a variety of different foot type, and is the only by the United States imported sports shoes manufacturing. Although the cost of doing so is very high, but new balance ( New Balance ) in order to allow movement best shows the potential of sport, spare no effort. Its exclusive research and development of high shock-absorbing pad, which can effectively absorb 99% of the ground reaction force, and therefore subject to foreign heads of state and the elite from all walks of life love, enjoy the " President of jogging shoes " the reputation of the multifunctional shoes, is ranked second of the shoe company.In 1976 the new balance ( New Balance ) first introduced with high shock durable materials C-CAP shoes, the same year the development of the 320 running shoes, is " Runner's World " magazine as " the world's first jogging shoes ". At the time of the marathon champion Fleming dress is jordan 3 katrina 2018 the 320 running shoes, and the shoes all over the world wide for popularity.In 1984, new balance ( New Balance ) developed a shock-absorbing material -- ABZORB. ABZORB is a patented this type shock absorbing material, to ensure that the shock absorption safety comfort more complete; at the same time to absorb more than 99% of the ground reaction force, avoid the movement of the spine, knee, ankle, due to improper ground reaction force squeeze, and causes the movement damage; 1985 new balance ( New Balance ) launched the stress dispersion the weight of the ENCAP1300 type sports shoes; the product design are fastidious about fixing the entire foot plate, and let the toes can be free, to alleviate the burden of running foot. New balance ( New Balance ) Width Sizing System unique, so that consumers can freely choose the suitable size of foot shoes, can be seen from new balance ( New Balance ) considerate users well-designed. In 1999 the new balance ( New Balance ) is the United States " Today's Runner " magazine as cross-country shoe champion. 1999-2000 is the fastest growing sport brand.In 2000, new balance ( New Balance ) to become the Sydney Olympic Games Chinese national track and field team designated clothing, ranking second in the nation.In 2002 Kano wearing a new balance shoes ( New Balance ) in 2 hours, 05 minutes and 38 seconds, broke the World Marathon record, continue to win the World Marathon record holder. From 1991 t jordans on sale online o 2002, new balance ( New Balance ) has become one of the world 's fastest growing sports brand, currently ranked fourth in the world, ranking second in the nation. Many heads of state and entrepreneurs are new balance ( New Balance ) love, proof of its excellence of top quality.New balance, new balance ( New Balance ) CEO Jim Davis itself is a professional runner, and participated in the marathon. Jim Mr. Davis in the shoes is not officially entered the production phase, personally involved in the shoes in the process of development. In order to achieve the 100% customer satisfaction, Jim Mr. Davis can take a number of different quality requirements of tens of thousands of pair of shoes. Therefore, each pair of new balance shoes ( New Balance ) have been very strict quality management.New balance, new balance ( New Balance ) company has its unique culture: insist on many products width, multiple height shoes: This is aimed at human nature of design, but also the most basic care, to every consumer the most comfortable close type shoes. New balance ( New Balance ) and sports star sign. As for star shoes, not necessarily suitable for most consumers to wear, so new balance ( New Balance ) company will charge investment in product research and development, in order to improve product quality, increase customer satisfaction. New balance ( New Balance ) believe " shoes is the best ". New balance ( New Balance ) is the only one in the jordans on sale mens United States has exclusive factory international sports brand, five of them in the United States, two in europe. ?new balance ( New Balance ) is a Private Companies, rather than the Listed Companies, thus can have larger development space; at the same time in the company of the cultural heritage, easier to implement.All the time since, new balance, new balance ( New Balance ) company is extremely hard to shoemaking craft. So far, a nearly 100 years of brand, still continue to emerging technology, diligently to develop more ergonomic shoes. In pursuit of a comfortable shoes feel for the target, with the popular sense of design, new balance ( New Balance ) has become the perfect example of retro and innovation. As a global sports brand leader, new balance ( New Balance ) companies adhere to high standards of ethics, 100% customer satisfaction, teamwork spirit of the company, in the technology and materials, product appearance and comfortable degree of innovation and progress, for every movement can maximize their potential, enjoy a balanced life of ease and make unremitting efforts.New balance ( New Balance ) has become a large number of successful entrepreneurs and political leaders love with brand, in the United States and many countries known as the " President of jogging shoes jogging shoes ", " the king of ". On 2003 officially land china.Country: USACreate time: 1906Product category: sports shoes, sports apparel, sports e Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale quipment, children's wearAuthor: William J.RileyThe company headquarters in the United States: BostonThe new balance ( New Balance ) series of products:The running shoes seriesHealth seriesOutdoor seriesThe sports seriesThe classic seriesThe sports equipmentadidas originals recently again for its popular shoes tubular x launched the a new color, overwhelmed by the designer in white and light gray combined constitute the whole, simple and smooth shape design, uphold the style of the family has had. It is learnt that the shoe has been officially landed Originals Adidas shop selling, interested friends may wish to shop to see it. Source: sizeFashion luxury goods NIKE & times; FCRB the latest release in the summer Solar Soft Sandals 2012-06-19 10:58:28 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: soph] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 19 hearing, ultra-lightweight EVA rubber foam material produced shoes more popular in recent years, the cards FCRB by the NIKE and SOPHNET. Cooperation in the latest summer released a Solar Soft Sandals . Forming a body of the shoe plus a large number of extremely breathable hole designed for summer or rain, EVA brings comfort, allow you to relax your feet. This shoe design, the initial purpose is to make football players from the stadium after the end, immediately replaced, ensure that your feet soothing rest. As we all know the text is very clear Yonghao love football, FCRB is based on the theme of the birth. Of course, the movement of people can not do it wearing casual stroll, the words printed on the front complete FC Real Bristol, heel loaded word NIKE, two color launch price of 5985 yen. Related news skateboard shoe brand Lakai's well-known brand Supreme cooperation with New York street, built the Mike Carroll style exclusive color, this series of shoes will be limited to selling in Supreme shops, design in the plain way, and with a suede material as the main selection, respectively, see blue and orange. This shoe has been available on the Supreme store to start. New Balance 458 leopard hair wanted series Clarks x Concepts Ashcott Collection joint shoes comments on last article: New Balance 458 leopard hair think series next article: Clarks x Concepts Ashcott Collection joint shoesVans joint Memorial line Syndicate Cindy imposed on the recent introduction of the memory of the departed New York legendary skateboard characters Andy Kessler series shoes. The launch of the Old school and SK8 classic style Hi, two models are made of black skin, collocation with blue laces, heel and sole labeling also changed symbol of New York NYC. remembered legendary skater figure ANDY KESSLER series Nike 2010 Special Edition Air Force 1 comments on : "remember the legendary skater ANDY KESSLER series next: Nike 2010 Special Edition Air Force 1."Nike LeBron 11 GS new color exposure 2013-12-08 23:38:27 from the time there is a less than a month time Nike LeBron 11 officially on sale, the majority Sneakerheads also quite concerned about the shoe. This time on Instagram has released a section specially for girls to create the Nike LeBron 11 GS. The navy blue with a green color to create the body of the shoe body, Swoosh and outsole was made of fluorescent green, lined with places girls love pink rendering. The color does not know whether the girl's heart you touched it? office visit Nike CEO Mark Parker 2014-02-24 21:00:58 Our daily contact with Nike products, Nike CEO Mark Parker that the office would be like, I believe there are a lot of people are very curious, recently Obscura Magazine magazine will further visit a lot. Mark Parker's office just like museums in general, all kinds of strange exhibits everything, of course, essential signature shoe, there are a variety of models and miniature statues, the walls covered with posters format, gorgeous exception. Nike Air Force 1 Low new color physical exposure 2013-12-08 23:32:19 Recently Sneaker Freaker and our first disclosed a new version of & nbsp; Nike Air Force 1 Low, this AF1 brightest color in addition to extremely attractive addition, shoes are the second half of the preparation of the material injected into a gray also aroused interest. The 3M reflective material Swoosh and shoe body of cross alignment is enriched to a lot of the shoe. There is no this & nbsp; Nike Air Force 1 Low of the available information. NSW LeBron X Lifestyle NRG shoes exposure 2013-12-08 23:02:29 NikeSportswear NikeBasketball first time in history to hit the basketball season as a blueprint to build shoes Nike Lebron 10 & quot; Cork & quot; has become a circle Sneaker hot topic, after being strongly sought after, came the pair of upstream network recently named & nbsp; NSW LeBron X Lifestyle NRG shoes. This shoe can be described as pure NSW blood flowing to Chukka casual shoes for the design blueprint, the shoe body joined Lebron elements. I do not know how to look for these shoes?black, what do you feel about you? Mystery? Deep? Fear? Or sin... Here's a myriad of answers. Black is a universal color, and give people a say attraction, black on black is low-key and don't make a stylish, black Lined Black collocation think is drunk, but to ensure that took to the streets to return rate is the subject of today, let us to learn about distinctive black collocation. get reloaded, search the app market, "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! source: 1626