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Nike and Adidas inspired & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; steeped planned many years of Yeshuang Quan, naturally unwilling to live a low-key and calm ANTA day. & nbsp; is from Anta introduce Yeshuang Quan started business development ushered Anta first leap, Mr. Gao Renye eventually help lead Chendai thousands Anta Shoe Company. In fact, brand marketing for sports shoes, and not as complex imagine, as long as the open world leader in sports - Nike, Adidas corporate history, do a simple, rough idea, we We can get some simple and feasible marketing, branding methods. Nike, Adidas brand creation, thought-provoking, it is worth learning from. 1926, the German shoemaker, obsessed Amateur Athletes Adidas. Dassler created Adidas. In 1948, as domestic accidents, the company split into two, one of which is now Adidas, another PUMA is the world's leading companies - the two companies are homologous, a lot of people love these two brands, Consumers know that this relationship does not have much. Adi. Dassler is a "technology crazy", keen on innovation, technology, quality of entrepreneurs, inventors and track and field athletes. Founder of the focus on product innovation, while at the Adidas specializes in marketing, is his eldest son, Horst & middot; Dassler. Horst & middot; Dassler great marketing talent, he pioneered th jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black e brand and athletes, sports teams, major events linked to the creation of a sports "pyramid" marketing model, has praised. Under his leadership, adidas and the Olympic Games took place for a long time, closely linked - as early as 1928, the Adidas products will appear in the Olympic stadium. Cumulative long Olympic marketing, Adidas With the global sporting event, far-reaching, effective, widely spread the brand. Phil. Knight and the University of Oregon track coach Bill. Bowerman, in 1964 created the Blue Ribbon Sports Products Inc. (formerly Nike), business is the import of cheap sports shoes from Japan for sale in the United States. By means of an accurate grasp of the rise of the United States jogging craze, Nike achieved rapid rise. Phil. Knight noted that "in my eyes, like marketing with sociology. Nike has done the most successful is the interpretation of what people are doing now, and where their interests, but we also reached all we had a great honor idea. "" Nike "brand building and promotion, dig sports spirit, sincere emotional communication, understand me, and won the hearts and minds of many consumers worldwide. Nike's success supported kernel is the same with the world-renowned Toyota TPS "asset light operating" mode, the manufacturing and retail outsourcing, itself only focus on R & D and marke jordans on sale online ting. Under the guidance of this model, Nike put a lot of manufacturing to developing countries at the same time reducing capital investments, reduce product costs, help Nike rapidly grown into a world-class sporting goods leader, showing the strength of the business model. Thanks to its unique Nike, violent, intense personality of sports stars, created the "cool" image. In the first 20 years of Nike created, his spokesman extensive use of tactics, according to statistics there are about 2,000 athletes and Nike signed. 1983, Nike suffered a bottleneck in the development. Jordan endorsement, violent ads, "Niketown" stores, to achieve a new round of NIKE approximate crazy metamorphosis growth. achievements of world-class athletes world-class brands, Nike finally validated in the body. 1984, Nike spent a great price, and Jordan signed a five-year contract. The history of the most outstanding basketball player, with perfect skills and character to conquer the whole world. The influence beyond national borders, sports athletes themselves, the achievements of Nike. Nike's Michael Jordan, demonstrate the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement strategy. In 1988, Nike launched the "JUST DO IT" ad campaign, "JUST DO IT" became one of the world's famous advertising slogan. In 1992, Nike Chicago opened its first "N jordan 3 katrina 2018 iketown" stores, in fact, in recent years the rise in China's super flagship store. In this way, Nike has been the world leader in the sporting goods industry. After Nike achieve peak sales of $ 9.6 billion in 1998, began to decline. Knight, one of the founders 99 years back, by rebuilding the management team, strengthening supply chain systems, expanding product lines, the acquisition of brands such as strategy, Nike regained vigor, continue to lead the global sporting goods industry. Nike founder Phil & middot; Knight had domineering and conceited to think: "I wanted to defeat Nike, the only way is to comprehensively and accurately imitate us, and then identify the different break points in all." so, just look at their corporate history, celebrity endorsements such brand strategy or practice, it is bland. Anta company will soon enter, Yeshuang Quan began to give his boss Available from Nike, Adidas brand creation, management, transformation, take off the case story, celebrity endorsements nature is one of the key contents. Yeshuang Quan believes that his boss will take some time to slowly come to accept his ideas. There are two reasons: First, with respect to his boss that he only "old fox", for marketing, brand is also relative lack of knowledge; second is the way of brand endorsement strategy, requires hu buy cheap jordans online ge financial support. According to related statistics, Anta in 1997 sales of about 50 million yuan, the profit margin is only between 5% -8%, limited profits. Unexpectedly, Yeshuang Quan's case, smart, studious Ding Zhizhong gave great inspiration. After a few nights, they continue to discuss and even argue, that is in the running. Perhaps, it is the most make planners Yeshuang Quan excited for some time. Inspired by, Ding Zhizhong slowly realized, celebrity endorsements, sports marketing for sports brands to create, enhance the role and significance of major operations. He decided to imitate NIKE, ADIDAS practice, hire a sports star to endorse Anta. Their newly born idea is, make a sports world champion. Ye Ding Zhizhong assistance to start a new adventure. With direction, a pleasure to work fast. So Ding Zhizhong began to frequent the sports sector to friends inquire, consulting, in order to choose a suitable Anta sports stars. In a lot of friends with the help of ANTA and Sports Circle contacted. When asked about the body Zheng Wang Qi, general manager of advertising time, there has been an important opportunity. Wang semi-serious, half-joking manner and recommended a slight Ding Zhizhong looks somewhat similar sports stars, is a world champion to him. Everything seems orderly manner, until one day, jordans on sale mens Ding Zhizhong and ??? said, "go! on Beijing tomorrow!." If instead shocked Yeshuang Quan? Anta corporate history, the most critical of another figure, upcoming stage.White, black and red color if you have more information, welcome to the forum and exchange,At the beginning of 2017, New Balance launched a new shoes 247, which was well received by the market. The brand was released by Huang Zitao, and the film was released in anticipation and attention. , through his unique personal style, presents this season's latest flagship, New Balance 247 Classic, which combines classic and modern shapes. In the film, Huang Zitao presents the ability to master all kinds of roles, no boundaries, free walking. he is a noble and elegant pianist, is on the stage of dazzling fashion movement star transition became the embodiment of the mysterious street trendsetter. Fully explained "enjoy living" spirit, encourage everyone to keep every moment of our state, adhere to the true self, 24 hours and 7 days at will, which is the core concept of New Balance 247 shoes. New Balance 247 Classic by the net surface enhance the permeability of toe shoe, socks designed to provide excellent wearing comfort and fit, suitable for all day wear. The design of N logo and the classic tongue tag word woven highlights the minimal Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ist style shoes itself. 247 Classic retains the New Balance classic shoes design, the use of new technology, let the classic modern reconstruction. New Balance official mall and Tmall mall have been synchronized online. 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Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (1) share to micro-blogThe perfect texture of geometric patterns ~ PUMA x air jordan 11 space jam for sale spoken words project third release! 2017-05-01 00:26:06 from Japan spoken words project art design and motion label PUMA joint cooperation has come to the third bomb! This works for the design blueprint to classic shoes PUMA Basket, design and draw abekoubou from Japanese novelists "girl" in the sand of inspiration, geometric patterns in the upper above endowed with countless changes, show a unique temperament. Global limited only 450 pairs, interested friends may continue to pay attention to our reports. Jordan BrandThe should Diamond Tiffany Dunk SB in 2005 with the launch of the Gucci Dunk SB High to the final grand debut in November this year, since 4 years ago on the highly anticipated Gucci Nike SB behind Dunk High color life there are many stories, is said to have designed the influx of goods was Girl Smyth Nike skateboard company designer Sam SB, the same as Girl brand brothers Lakai Eric Koston for the Nike smooth SB Girl P-Rod lured occupation slip of the hand it was headache, so Girl Sam Nike SB design the Gucci color only then, the passage of time, this year, Eric Koston joined Nike SB Nike as many SB sponsored one hand slip. The Gucci will be reborn in November of this year in the global offering, the number of 313171-362, the tongue RESN is Girl brand designer Sam Smyth nickname. on behalf Retro jordans for sale of Guangzhou local senior board skateboard shop HERO Nike SB flow and Nike 6 series of official authorized dealer qualification in the summer, in November officially Gucci Nike SB Dunk limited edition color High tannin RESN special edition, this section in the first wave of Chinese, only sold in Nike SB authorized agency, Shanghai respectively. FLY, Beijing FLY and Guangzhou HERO, as the only Nike SB Southern China District Limited Edition sale unit, Guangzhou HERO head Tim said very honored to represent Nike SB as the trend of Guangzhou people and bring the Gucci Nike color skater SB Dunk High tannin RESN special edition, the sale price of 890 yuan, a limited number of purchase as soon as possible. FLY Shanghai: No. 704 Changle Road, Beijing: 021-54670061 1626 Mall for not in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou netizens for a small amount of quota, limited sale in the mall. Like the Nike SB friends click to view the purchase information HERO = Tim personal demonstration Nike will be back in 2000 for the Sydney Olympic Games to build Presto.html" target=" _blank" Presto; 〉 Air, color matching back. The shoe body retains the classic design of the shades of blue gray concentric pattern arranged in the shoe body the front and sides, and followed by the collocation of white translucent plastic stent, cheap foamposites and combined with the blue and red outsole to echo the theme of american. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in July 7th, priced at $130. -- -- -- -- -- extending reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! this is one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! Zhou Bichang can do more to get involved in the marathon jerseys match! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - &n〉& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] distance PUMA evoPOWER football series was released two weeks, the world's leading sports brand PUMA launched the first surprise test sneakers --evoPOWER CAMO . Technology and innovation and technology that shape the mysterious new dual-boots with the formal adoption of evoPOWER same shoes, the only difference is that the upper selected evoPOWER CAMO camouflage color, adds to the expectations of the fans for the official version. Within the next two weeks, the famous star Cesc? Fabregas, Mario? Balotelli and Marco? Royce will wear this shoe debut in train cheap air jordans ing and competition. evoPOWER design inspired by the dress like a barefoot-like feel, in technological innovation, it is to reach the highest level of football fields. Although the mysterious appearance does not reveal too many details about the design and performance characteristics evoPOWER, but it certainly is, this shoe will significantly enhance the explosive power and accuracy of the players on the pitch when the ball. Careful observation of this test sneakers design, you will find various patterns on the uppers are made of gray and blue-green PUMA puma logo cleverly composed, it appears that the overall pattern showed amazing camouflage effect. well-known star Cesc? Fabregas evoPOWER CAMO give a high evaluation, "Testing sneakers are always a bit mysterious atmosphere, to pre-empt this unique design of shoes to wear to play, I feel very honored every .PUMA New shoes always gives me a surprise, but I especially like this regardless of shape or performance are very good new series. I can not wait to put on the official version of the explosive show on the pitch "(Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative Most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network)Adidas provides the most sustainable product series 2013-12-08 22:09:11 for the 2012 London Olympic Games Adidas is honored to provide the most sustainable series of products for the London Olympic Games and Paralympics in 2012. This is another milestone in the history of Adidas's sports equipment sponsorship of the two major sporting events of the Olympic and Paralympic games. for more than 10 years, Adidas group has been trying to adopt more sustainable business practices, and is recognized as the industry pioneer in this field. Adidas provided a perfect sport suit for the IOC and Paralympic Committee of the 11 National Olympic Games in London in 2012. Each section of the sports shoes Adidas will prepare for the 2012 London Olympic Games includes sustainable elements, the Olympic Games will have as many as seventy thousand volunteers will participate, they will be wearing sports shoes Adidas the most sustainable development -- the special edition Fluid Trainer, the shoe production efficiency more than die 70%, effectively reducing waste. The sportswear series at the London Olympics in 2012 were equally impressive in sustainability. Adidas has developed 165 new sustainable fabrics for the Olympic games. All volunteers kit and Olympic torch relay kit, 96% Olympic Village suite and training kit provided by Adidas will use sustainable fabrics. In the process of producing Olympic athletes and volunteers, Adidas is equivalent to recycling 1 million 500 thousand bottles. Adidas Simon, vice president of's Olympic Games, said: "as a responsible global brand, Adidas attaches great importance to sustainable development. We focus on sustainability in all respects, from innovation, design, development and procurement, to sales and marketing, and even to the way we shop and office." compared with previous Olympic and Paralympic Games, and even compared to any global event, the Adidas products used in London 2012 Olympic Games are the most sustainable products Adidas has ever made. At the Olympics, every athlete wearing Adidas products will wear products that are sustainable." In order to substantially reduce the impact on the environment, Adidas has developed a five year plan, the company for eight consecutive years was selected as the world's 100 most sustainable development company. Adidas often works with the London Olympic Committee sustainable development team, and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index has been the industry leader since 2011. In addition, Adidas has also been selected as the FTSE social responsibility index, and is the only sporting goods company that has released the sustainability report every year since 2000. : the sustainability of Adidas group focuses on the following aspects: Adidas hopes to remove pollution through developmentby Vans and Thrasher cooperation to create a new joint series will be released, not only have clothing work jointly, and jointly release shoes, including the upgrade version of the Sk8-Hi Pro and Slip-On Pro, and Vans's new shoes UltraRange Pro also joined the joint series, new shoes designed by black as the main colors, with Thrasher logo elements of flame. currently Vans x Thrasher joint series pricing ranging from $39 to $169. It will be on sale in July 29th. APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! LeBron 148 LeBron 14 is James in the Nike fourteenth dual signature boots, a novel foot fixing belt, with the foot action free stretching, and excellent lightweight and flexibility, with neat shape to help you comfortable flying. The vamp adopts Flywire flying wire technology, and combines with the shoelace system, which can enhance the locking feeling of shoes. The forefoot region and midfoot section add hexagonal Nike air Air Zoom, plastic outstanding rebound shock performance, your talent shows itself. With the built-in large Nike Zoom Air air cushion, it helps to ease the impact of the foot when it hits the ground.